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Short Description:

JCC provides high quality financial and data infrastructure services to the banking and commercial community in Cyprus.

In Details:

jccsmart.com is the electronic hub of JCC Payment Systems for the settlement of bills, subscriptions and fees via the internet.

With more than 20 years of experience and expertise JCC Payment Systems has become the leading Cypriot organisation in the card-processing business

JCC’s primary role is the provision of top quality financial and data infrastructure services to the banking and commercial community in Cyprus

The company deploys edge information technologies along with the latest infrastructure while providing full safety and reliability to all transactions having already complied with PCI DSS, the international Data Security Standard, and been certified for ISO 27001, the International Safety Information Management Standard.

The JCC payment portal is so designed as to facilitate online payments to participating organisations in Cyprus through the provision of state of the art, custom-made solutions. JCC Smart checkout is also a Total Quality Process provided by the company to facilitate online payments. Through the jccsmart.com payment portal the issuing and settlement of electronic invoices becomes a most secured but also the simplest of processes. In addition, the portal:

  • Helps minimize transaction costs thereby incentivising business activity to the benefit of merchants and customers alike
  • Provides full security and reliability for all transactions
  • Requires single sign on (SSO) for all registered merchants and users in Cyprus
  • Enables mail and telephone orders with a unique I.D. for all registered merchants in the country
  • Facilitates payments from the branches of all banks in Cyprus


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