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Short Description:

Tubular does one thing well. It takes a single video from YouTube at injects it as a full-screen background on a website. It scales the video, offsets the video and provides some basic controls for the video..

In Details:

About Tubular

Tubular is a jQuery plugin that lets you set a YouTube video as your page background. Just attach it to your page wrapper element, set some options, and you're on your way.

Tubular makes some assumptions on how your website works. First, it assumes you have a single wrapper element under the body tag that envelops all of your website content. It promotes that wrapper to z-index: 99 and position: relative. You can configure the z-index value in the options. So it's assuming your wrapper can accept positioning without breaking your site.

Finally, tubular injects the YouTube video you specified as an iframe using fixed position at z-index: 1. Browsers that do not support fixed positioning will not support tubular. Also, since the YouTube iframe API requires the HTML5 postMessage feature, browsers that do not support it (I'm looking at you, IE7) will not support tubular — tubular will return false before any changes are made to your CSS in IE7.

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